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Rural Tourism

Feel in contact with nature: visit stunning beaches, natural parks and breathtaking places. Everything you need at your fingertips and in one place. We want you to travel like a local and fall in love with every nook and cranny of this island. That is why, we have put together a list of must-see places on the island that will help you better understand the true nature of the island of Tenerife and experience a truly unique environment.
World Heritage Site

Teide National Park

This is, without a doubt, the most emblematic place in Tenerife. The Teide National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007 under the Natural Asset category.  It lies right in the middle of the island, at an average altitude of 2,000 m above sea level, and its summit is the highest peak in Spain, standing at 3,718 metres. This beautiful National Park is definitely not to be missed. There you will have the chance to marvel at landscapes that look like they are from another planet and to breathe the pure air of the highest mountain peak in Spain.

Biosphere Reserve

Rural Park of Anaga

Just a few minutes’ drive from the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you will find the Anaga Rural Park, a place which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, and has managed to preserve its natural assets exceptionally well. The deep valleys and ravines descend from the mountain sides to reach the sea, forming beautiful beaches along the way that are perfect for taking a refreshing dip. This area is also home to numerous native species of fauna and flora.

Santiago del Teide

Acantilados de los Gigantes (The Cliffs of the Giants)

These cliffs located in Santiago del Teide are part of the Teno Rural Park, reaching heights of up to 600 metres above sea level in some points, and then plummeting straight down into the sea. A sight that is dizzying to behold even from below. At the foot of the cliffs, the seabed is about 30 metres deep and is home to a great natural wealth that attracts divers and deep-sea fishing enthusiasts.


Ancient Dragon Tree

This famous thousand-year-old dragon tree is one of the most important natural, cultural and historical symbols of the Canary Islands. This tree, which rises over 16 metres high and whose base measures around 20 metres in circumference, is believed to be the oldest of its kind in the Canary Islands.

Punta de Teno

Rural Park of Teno

The variety of its landscapes, including breathtaking cliffs, valleys, low-lying islands, laurel forests and magnificent examples of traditional architecture, make the Teno Rural Park one of the most beautiful natural areas in Tenerife.