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Tenerife is an all-round island destination renowned for its contrasting landscapes, wild fauna and an ideal climate, perfect for hiking along some of its many routes and trails immersed in nature.

Explore the natural wonders of the island and visit some of its most popular spots by walking on the trails, which are classified according to difficulty, hiking time and area.

Explore natural landscapes

The volcanic Canary Islands are known for their incredible panoramic views. That is why walking along the trails of the island of Tenerife is the most popular activity with travellers arriving in this marvellous island.

Next to our apartments there are several trails that you can adapt to your preferences on the website at the bottom of this page.

Classic routes

We recommend some of the following routes to complete your stay:

Night trekking through the Cañadas del Teide

Important! If you wish to hike to the top of Mount Teide, you will need to spend the night in the refuge, where you will be able to enjoy the strikingly beautiful starry sky.

Badajoz Gorge in Tenerife

El Barranco de Badajoz is a gorge located to the west of Güímar, just half an hour south of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, within the Siete Lomas Protected Landscape.

Rural Park of Anaga

This Protected Natural Area was declared Biosphere Reserve on 9 June 2015. It is located within the Anaga Massif, stretching over a large area of the massif in the north-eastern tip of the island of Tenerife.

Nearby Trails

We also suggest some other highly recommended routes in the vicinity of our accommodation:
If you need more information about other trails, click on the following link: