Barranco del infierno (Hell’s Canyon)

Barranco Del Infierno (Hell’s Canyon) is located in the town of Adeje about 80 km from the beautiful city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It was declared a Special Nature Reserve in 1994 and covers an area of 1,843 ha. It is an area of exceptional beauty therefore views that can be seen all the way as the flora and fauna it has.

He has one of the most important courses of permanent water on the island, even a small waterfall that should be more in the past by the trail left by the water in the eroded rocks.

From the archaeological point of view it should be mentioned that there are hundreds of caves that sheltered many aboriginal Guanche caves and rock carvings.

There are hiking trails and properly marked with various levels of difficulty.

If you approach to know this area note that the maximum capacity is 300 people per day in order to preserve the environment at the site and do not alter the development of the species of both fauna and flora, so it is best to book before .
The site for reservations is this.